The people @ Hidden Lake at Kendall HOA

Current Volunteers and Officers

Duties and Responsibilities of Board Members

Board members govern the Home Owners Association and manage the day to day operations to ensure things are operating as expected.

To achieve this the association must be able to maintain structure.

HOA Board Member Responsibilities

  1. Laws and Governing Documents
    The board members should ensure that relevant laws are complied with and that the community and the board is following its governing documents.
  2. Common Areas
    maintaining the common areas within the community, this includes roadway, street lights, common lawn area, facilities and lake area.
  3. Enforce Rules & Regulations
    One of the lesser liked duties of the Board, but enforcement of rules and regulations that have been created for the benefit of all must be carried out, and home owners should understand and support this.
  4. Managing Finances
    The success of our association requires that we maintain a strong financial position, this includes making sure that we have sufficient funds in reserve to cover emergency or planned maintenance. Some of the areas/events that most concern us are:
    • Roadway repairs (yes we own our roads),
    • Lake Maintenance,
    • Streetlight poles and lighting (yes we pay the power bill for the lights, and any new poles),
    • Walls, Mailboxes, Fire hydrants etc.,
    • Lawn Services and common area cleanups,
    • Hurricane cleanup
    • Maintaining Insurances to cover the unexpected.
  5. Conflict Resolution
    This is rarely an issue within our community but occasionally there are conflicts between parties that must be resolved by board members to maintain the peace. "Arbitration is always better than Litigation".