Documents list for Hidden Lake HOA

The following working documents are available for download:
Descriptions of documents below.

  • Complete set of governing documents can be download here (Approximately 18mb) Last updated 02/28/2024
  • Additional Rules and Guidelines of the Association to be read in conjunction with complete member's pack can be download here. Last updated 02/28/2024

The following PDF files can be edited and saved to request or provide information to/from the Working Committees.

If your PDF software does not support saving form documents for later emailing you can use CutePDF Writer once installed, complete the form and Just click Print and select CutePDF Writer as your printer. This prints to a new PDF file. It’s that simple.

  • Request to modify property - Download here.
    If this is for emergency work, permits may be sent in after application submitted.
    Approval must be obtained prior to the start of most exterior updates, renovations, and repair projects (when in doubt, contact us). Multiple forms may be required depending on work planned.
  • Tenant Application Form -  Download here
    Required annually on lease renewal or for any change in Tenants. -
  • New Owner Application Form - Download here
  • Request for Estoppel Certificate as outlined by Florida Statute 720 Part I Section 720.30851- Email to Hidden Lake HOA

The different types of documents

  1. Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs)
    The Declaration of CC&Rs plays a crucial role in the governance of a community. As such, CC&Rs dictate what a homeowner can or cannot do to their property. All members of the community must agree to theses documents.

  2. Bylaws
    Bylaws will establish the number of HOA board members, the term limits for each member, their duties and responsibilities to the HOA, the method for conducting board meetings, the frequency of HOA board elections, and the election process.

  3. Rules & Regulations
    HOA communities also have a document that establishes the rules and regulations. Essentially, this document deals with policies that are not included in either the CC&Rs or the bylaws.

  4. Florida State Statutes & County Laws
    With all the governing documents listed above there is still a requirement to adhere to state and local laws. As state laws change they can and do sometimes override these documents, we generally include such changes within our Rules & Regulations document to reflect same.
    Florida Statute 720 pertaining to Home Owners Associations.